Where do I receive my parking pass, shuttle pass, or ticket for a Rock 'n' Roll event?

**NOTE: Not all Rock 'n' Roll events require parking passes, shuttle passes, concert tickets, or other ticket sale items. These are only offered in select cities where parking and transportation options are limited to the Start and Finish lines. We recommend reading the Parking & Transportation pages of the event site for details. 

If you have purchased a parking pass, shuttle pass, concert ticket, or other ticket sale item for a Rock 'n' Roll event, please read  the following:

  • These are picked up at the Rock 'n' Roll Health & Fitness Expo. Please pick up your race packets and head over to our INFORMATION BOOTH to receive these passes. 
  • Our staff will be able to direct you to these locations and provide further instructions so you are prepared for your race. 
  • Parking & Shuttle passes are NOT required. You may seek outside parking spaces at your own expense. We recommend carpooling with friends. 
  • Parking passes may be limited in certain race locations. 
  • Our shuttle drivers are not responsible if you miss your corral. We will do our best to provide as many shuttles as possible to get you safely to the event site. It is the participants responsibility to allow for extra time in the event of long lines, traffic, road closures, or other factors. 
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